In many ways, I am unlike many alcoholics. I quit drinking only one time – the last time – and it has lasted for 14 years (so far). Many alcoholics quite numerous times. Heck, one of the guys on “Celebrity Rehab” has been in rehab alone nine times!

Before quitting altogether, however, many alcoholics simply try to scale down their drinking. They are wet alcoholics and monitor their drinking in order to prove to themselves or other that they can control their impulses and addiction.

There are numerous websites on the web that detail just how to be a “good alcoholic.” In other words, how to have your cake and eat it, too. If you can do this – drink within pre-set boundaries and maintain a healthy lifestyle – good for you! Here are a few suggestions that these sites make to keep on drinking and keep on living healthy.

1 – Drink – and I don’t mean alcohol. Dehydration is the primary cause of hangover headaches and most alcoholics live in a constant state of dehydration. By keeping your body in a sufficient state of hydration, you will drink less alcohol, the alcohol will have less effect, and you will keep your organs functioning.

2 – Eat healthy, wholesome, balanced, regular meals. “Wings and a few beers” doesn’t count. You need to eat breakfast, eat continually throughout the day, and eat while you are drinking. This will help to absorb the alcohol an protect your organs. This also helps prevent hangovers.

3– If you continue to drink heavily, make sure the medications that you take – over-the-counter, prescription and illegal – are safe to take with alcohol. Many over-the-counter medications are downright dangerous if taken with excessive alcohol. Be careful!

4– Take your vitamins! Alcohol depletes the body of vitamins and minerals and most alcoholics do not eat healthy to begin with. Alcohol destroys the liver, so do your best to supplement your diet.

If you insist on drinking, take care of yourself. You are making your organs work overtime, so protect them the best you can.