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14 Aug


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My love for “Seinfeld” never ends. There must have been a recovering alcoholic on the writing staff of that show, for references to AA are peppered throughout the seasons. In one episode, Frank Costanza, George’s father, repeatedly shouts, “Serenity now!” when he is agitated or annoyed. Told by his doctor to do this every time [...]

11 Aug

Alcohol Songs

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Any time you write a list of the “Best” of anything, you are bound to leave out a lot. During my drinking days, I always gravitated toward artists that sang about my favorite pastime, drinking. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. “Tanque Ray” - by Nick Lowe. Tanqueray is a type of gin. [...]

8 Aug

Types of Addiction

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Many alcoholics find that once they begin recovery, they are hiding other underlying addictions. This shouldn’t be a surprise as all addictions are very similar and caused by the same conditions. Addiction is often defined as an obsessive or compulsive need to perform an act, resulting in loss of control, despite negative feedback. We all [...]

15 Jul

How To Help An Alcoholic

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Our family has a member who is currently suffering from a number of psychological issues. Alcohol is not involved, but the story is similar. This person is angry, paranoid, depressed, and causing problems for both their immediate and distant family members. The question has arisen numerous times – how do we get this person straightened [...]

11 Jul

Celebrity Alcoholics

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Why is it that I have such a hard time seeing Marsha Brady as an alcoholic? Was she not perfect (except for that broken nose)? Didn’t she have it all? How did Marsha Brady (Maureen McCormick) turn into an alcoholic? Why did success not buffer her from addiction? The singer we know as “Pink” (Alecia [...]

5 Jul

God Bless Betty Ford

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I must have been around 13 or 14 years old when it was announced that Betty Ford was a drunk and a drug addict. Shame on her! Imagine being the First Lady and feeling the need to get stoned 24/7. What kind of role model is that? Well, Betty Ford is perhaps one of the [...]

30 Jun

Is My Sobriety at Risk

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I was thinking about heading down to Mexico – about an hour south of here – to pick up a new fake Gucci purse, some discount non-prescription penicillin, and maybe a handful of valium for the upcoming holiday festivities. Meeting my new husband’s family members, fireworks and a few long flights certainly call for a [...]

21 Jun


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Two hangovers stand out in my life. I was 14 or so and spent the night discovering the joys of boxed red wine with my mother. We sat on the shag carpet in the family room and finished off two large boxes of wine, as she delineated all the problems in her life. I’m sure [...]

18 Jun

How To Be A Healthy Alcoholic

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In many ways, I am unlike many alcoholics. I quit drinking only one time – the last time – and it has lasted for 14 years (so far). Many alcoholics quite numerous times. Heck, one of the guys on “Celebrity Rehab” has been in rehab alone nine times! Before quitting altogether, however, many alcoholics simply [...]

9 Jun

Alcoholic Relationships

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In my life, most of my relationships have been alcoholic. I was the drinker, or my partner was the drinker, or we both were. Since I stopped drinking, my relationships have mostly consisted of neither of us drinking, but at least one of us bearing the scars of our previous lives. My first “real” relationship [...]