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3 Sep

Alcoholism Help Information

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If you suspect you’re an alcoholic, looking for help for an alcoholic or are a recovering alcoholic in need of support, there are a number of places you can go. Do not use lack of access to care as an excuse for not finding sobriety. Your first stop is undoubtedly Alcoholics Anonymous. From there, you [...]

25 Aug

AA Sponsors

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I spoke with an individual that has been an alcoholism sponsor for over two decades. He has helped and guided several individuals struggling with sobriety over the years. This sponsor has also lost a few alcoholics along the way. Asked about it, he says that they were all worth it, no matter how demanding or [...]

1 Aug

The Language of AA

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If there is anything that will turn a person off of AA or any other 12-Step Program, it is the inside lingo, the slang that is used within the programs. Sit down and have a cup of coffee with me while I interpret some of what you will hear at a meeting. The “Big Book [...]

4 Jun

On Alcoholism and Beer Drinking

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There is an unspoken hierarchy among alcoholics. Big-time alkies drank whiskey or tequila or vodka, straight out of the bottle. They were respected. They had serious problems. The bottom rung was us beer drinkers. We were the lightweights. Many alcoholics didn’t even recognize us as one of them. “How can you be an alcoholic? You [...]

24 Feb

Alcoholics Anonymous and its Cohorts

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is known world-wide. It was founded by a man named Bill Wilson ("Bill W.") and Dr. Bob Smith in 1934. Dr. Smith helped the then alcoholic Bill W. and helped to create a word-of-mouth group of people who would support each other in pursuit of lifelong sobriety. Within a year, there were [...]

4 Feb

The Final Steps

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Having completed Steps 1 through 10, Steps 11 and 12 are a call to action. Step 11 is a time to pray, meditate, or consult with your higher power and ask for continuing help, knowledge, and power. For those of us without a recognized higher power, this is a non-step. I have no one to [...]

23 Jan

Progress Not Perfection

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Alcoholics Anonymous has as an honest and noble goal, one that isn't too daunting for most people - that progress is the goal, not perfection. We can't turn ourselves into perfect little people by reading a book and following the steps. No amount of pleading or divulging or surrendering will keep us from what we [...]

18 Jan

Share Your Story

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Step 5 of Alcoholics Anonymous is a step that I feel I did complete, wholeheartedly. It requires you to share your story, seek advice and accept it. By honestly divulging the truth of your experiences, you can receive honest advice and counsel. Most AA-followers use their sponsor or another AA member for this step. Some [...]

15 Jan

Airing of Grievances

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On the television show, "Seinfeld," George Costanza's father celebrates a strange self-styled holiday called Festivus. Among other things, it involves an aluminum pole, a "feats of strength" wrestling match, and the "airing of grievances." Frank Costanza stands at the head of the Festivus table and announces, "I got a lot of problems with you people. [...]

12 Jan

Three Steps at a Time

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Within days of my last drink, I thumbed through the Yellow Pages and found a female shrink, whose name seemed kind and whose office was within walking distance. I made an appointment and spent the next three years seeing her once or twice a week. In order for her to help me, she insisted that [...]