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18 Jun

How To Be A Healthy Alcoholic

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In many ways, I am unlike many alcoholics. I quit drinking only one time – the last time – and it has lasted for 14 years (so far). Many alcoholics quite numerous times. Heck, one of the guys on “Celebrity Rehab” has been in rehab alone nine times! Before quitting altogether, however, many alcoholics simply [...]

9 Jun

Alcoholic Relationships

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In my life, most of my relationships have been alcoholic. I was the drinker, or my partner was the drinker, or we both were. Since I stopped drinking, my relationships have mostly consisted of neither of us drinking, but at least one of us bearing the scars of our previous lives. My first “real” relationship [...]

15 Feb

When A Man Loves A Woman

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I have been sitting here at the computer all day and thought I would take a break and pick out a few movies on Netflix. I roamed through the romantic comedy category and came across dear Meg Ryan, which led me to gorgeous Andy Garcia, which led me to "When A Man Loves A Woman." [...]

12 Feb

The Hellgramite Method

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There are, of course, many ways to stop drinking. I chose outright abstinence with a little support from a therapist. Some of my best friends have gone the Alcoholics Anonymous route. Modern medicine has recognized the need to supplement simple human will power with medications that work to aid in the prevention of alcoholism. Some [...]

4 Feb

The Final Steps

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Having completed Steps 1 through 10, Steps 11 and 12 are a call to action. Step 11 is a time to pray, meditate, or consult with your higher power and ask for continuing help, knowledge, and power. For those of us without a recognized higher power, this is a non-step. I have no one to [...]

30 Jan

Families Are a Wonderful Thing

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Growing up the child of an alcoholic is not a normal childhood. Unfortunately, I didn't find that out until I was a grown up. I assumed every child made a drink for dad when he got home. I assumed every child stepped over dad, passed out in the hallway, on her way to bed. I [...]

23 Jan

Progress Not Perfection

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Alcoholics Anonymous has as an honest and noble goal, one that isn't too daunting for most people - that progress is the goal, not perfection. We can't turn ourselves into perfect little people by reading a book and following the steps. No amount of pleading or divulging or surrendering will keep us from what we [...]

29 Dec

De Nile Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

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Like I have said, I never considered myself an alcoholic, simply a constant, heavy drinker who got into a little trouble and decided to quit. Is that the definition of "alcoholic"? Alcoholism is a large umbrella that covers several categories of drinking. Alcohol abuse is one type of alcoholism, almost considered the step before alcohol [...]

23 Dec

Am I Crossing the Line?

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I spent all of yesterday morning in a dental chair, getting my gums poked and numerous teeth drilled. The pain then was extraordinary. The pain today is agony. Being an ex-drinker. I have experienced mixed feelings regarding medications, especially those that contribute to me "losing control." So, when a dentist asks me if I want [...]

20 Dec

Hi, My Name Is…

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“Hi, my name is Dee and I’m an alcoholic.” That is what I am supposed to stand up and say at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting, but I have never done it. When the leader asks if there is anyone new or anyone celebrating a “birthday” (the anniversary of the day an alcoholic became sober), [...]