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18 Jun

How To Be A Healthy Alcoholic

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In many ways, I am unlike many alcoholics. I quit drinking only one time – the last time – and it has lasted for 14 years (so far). Many alcoholics quite numerous times. Heck, one of the guys on “Celebrity Rehab” has been in rehab alone nine times! Before quitting altogether, however, many alcoholics simply [...]

21 Feb

Fame, Fortune, and Addiction

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Having attended numerous Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, I have always considered addiction synonymous with "loser." I know that's wrong and unfair, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of an alcoholic or drug addict is a tattooed man, smelling of cigarette smoke, wearing saggy jeans and an old baseball cap. It is [...]

12 Feb

The Hellgramite Method

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There are, of course, many ways to stop drinking. I chose outright abstinence with a little support from a therapist. Some of my best friends have gone the Alcoholics Anonymous route. Modern medicine has recognized the need to supplement simple human will power with medications that work to aid in the prevention of alcoholism. Some [...]

23 Dec

Am I Crossing the Line?

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I spent all of yesterday morning in a dental chair, getting my gums poked and numerous teeth drilled. The pain then was extraordinary. The pain today is agony. Being an ex-drinker. I have experienced mixed feelings regarding medications, especially those that contribute to me "losing control." So, when a dentist asks me if I want [...]