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2 Jan

Missing The Signs

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Throughout all of my years of drinking, I can only remember one person even mentioning the fact that perhaps I drank a little too much. Kevin was a man I dated for several years in my mid-twenties. He was married, but promised to leave his wife (yeah, right). I was able to spend time with [...]

29 Dec

De Nile Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

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Like I have said, I never considered myself an alcoholic, simply a constant, heavy drinker who got into a little trouble and decided to quit. Is that the definition of "alcoholic"? Alcoholism is a large umbrella that covers several categories of drinking. Alcohol abuse is one type of alcoholism, almost considered the step before alcohol [...]

24 Dec

Navigating the Holidays as an Alcoholic

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My mother's holiday culinary masterpiece was her Bourbon Balls. Mix sugar cookie dough with a half bottle of bourbon (alcohol content: 40%), roll the little balls in powdered sugar and what a treat you have. Feed them in large quantity to small children and watch the fun. My grandmother's favorite after-dinner treat when we visited [...]

23 Dec

Am I Crossing the Line?

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I spent all of yesterday morning in a dental chair, getting my gums poked and numerous teeth drilled. The pain then was extraordinary. The pain today is agony. Being an ex-drinker. I have experienced mixed feelings regarding medications, especially those that contribute to me "losing control." So, when a dentist asks me if I want [...]

20 Dec

Hi, My Name Is…

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“Hi, my name is Dee and I’m an alcoholic.” That is what I am supposed to stand up and say at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting, but I have never done it. When the leader asks if there is anyone new or anyone celebrating a “birthday” (the anniversary of the day an alcoholic became sober), [...]